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The BECO INTEGRA SOLO single-sheet filter is ideal for difficult filtration tasks in the biotechnology, chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and food industries. The system separates and washes solids from suspensions after precipitation or crystallization processes, or for the processing of pre-coat residues. 

The BECO INTEGRA SOLO mobile single-sheet filter system’s filling space is designed as a pressure vessel with a level filter bottom that drops for cleaning, and a horizontal depth filter medium. The pressure vessel, with optional thermal/insulating jacket, closes with clamp screws and seals with an O-ring. BECO depth filter sheet, filter cloth, or metal composite plate filtration is optional. For the manual discharge of the filter cake, the bottom part drops via a spindle or hydraulics.

Stainless steel AISI 316L / AISI 316Ti, Hastelloy, Enamel, fluor-polymeric coatings, etc. possible
Max. Filter Area
11.73 ft² (1.09 m²)
cGMP guidelines, FDA regulations


  • Multiple process steps such as extraction, filtration, washing, dissolving, and discoloration in one device.
  • Simple handling through ergonomic design. Easy replacement of the BECO depth filter sheet/filter cloth, simple and thorough cleaning
  • CIP possible by using rotating spray nozzles that eliminate dirt residues in corners
  • The design and construction of BECO INTEGRA SOLO single-sheet filter complies with the requirements of the cGMP guidelines and the FDA regulations
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