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Eaton's Off-Line Filters are partial flow filters for fine filtration of hydraulic and lubrication circuits meant as a supplement to the main filter. Off-line filtration improves the cleanliness and quality of operating fluids and prolongs its durability, thereby preventing early wear and tear of system components.

Eaton's NF-series off-line filters offer a large filtration area in a compact size allowing for high dirt-retaining capacity even with a small filter fineness. The easily accessible filter element can be changed quickly and without tools.

Filter Type
Inline mounted
max. operating pressure
232 psi (16 bar)
Operating Temperature
14-176 °F (-10-80 °C)


  • High intrinsic stability
  • Excellent filtration capability
  • High dirt-retaining capacity
  • Long service life


  • Pulp and paper mill equipment
  • Large central hydraulic power units
  • Injection molding equipment
  • Stamping presses
  • Extrusion machines
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