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Eaton's POLYLINE single bag filter housing is constructed with glass fiber reinforced polypropylene or PVDF. It features superior corrosion resistance as well as high-pressure and temperature capabilities. 

# Bags
Industrial Plastic design


  • In-line or loop piping connections
  • Sizes for one #01 or #02 filter bag
  • Viton® seals standard
  • 2" NPT threaded connections
  • Maximum operating pressure of 150 psi at 70°F
  • Hand removable, spin off cover
  • Integral installation flange
  • Polypropylene plastic construction
  • Plastic vent valve on cover with gauge tap
  • Corrosion-resistant exterior, no coatings required
  • Duplex model for continuous flow applications

Key Polyline Applications:

  • Automotive
  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemical Processing
  • Paints, Inks, Resins and Coatings
  • Electronics
  • Petrochemicals
  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Lubricants, Metalworking Fluids
  • Solvents

All-Plastic, Rugged Polypropylene or PVDF Construction for Superior Corrosion Resistance

There are no metal components to rust or corrode. The unique, one-piece molded body has no seams, welds or crevices to trap particles and is easy to clean. The cover is hand-removable without the need for tools of any kind, and features an all-plastic, built-in vent valve with integral 1/4" gauge tap. The two bottom pipe connections are interchangeable as outlet or drain, permitting easy, no modification in-line or loop piping arrangements to accommodate any installation design. For applications that require continuous flow, a duplex model is available. Here, the flow never has to shut down for bag change out. For contamination sensitive or severely corrosive filtration applications, POLYLINE is your best choice.

Available Options

  • PVDF Construction (Simplex, size 02 only, rated at 100 psi at 70°F)
  • 2", 150# ANSI flanged connections (standard on duplex)
  • Differential pressure gauge
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