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Spare Parts Bag Filter Housing

Original EATON Accessories and Spare Parts for Safety and Reliability. The wide range of Filter Vessel Accessories from Eaton makes it possible to custom design a vessel to the exact requirements of your application, no matter how complex or unique it may be. Accessories can be used not just to meet applications requirements but to improve a process as well. For example, displacement balloons make bag changeouts easier and magnetic inserts extend filter bag life in applications where iron particles are encountered. Original Eaton Added Value Accessories are guaranteed to work with your Eaton filter vessels and to provide the reliable filtration performance expected of them.

  • Restrainer baskets
  • Lofnetic magnets
  • Insertion tools
  • Leg assemblies
  • Displacement balloons
  • Manifold modules
  • Adapter heads for open filtration
  • Gaskets and O-ring seals
  • Mesh strainers
  • Hold-down rings
  • Miscellaneous
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