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Type CLC

The Eaton Coalescer Separator Type CLC is a two-stage vessel designed for separation of liquid in the form of a fine mist or fog from a gas or vapor. It’s primarily used in processes involving cooling or condensation, flashing or evaporation applications.

The first stage is a centrifugal separator that removes slugs and heavy liquid loads. The second stage uses a coalescing pad to remove nearly all remaining droplets as small as 4 microns from air, gas and steam processes.

Carbon steel or stainless steel
3 models (31L-CLC, 36-CLC, 35L-CLC), ASME Code Stamp


  • Two-stage design removes up to 99% of entrained liquid or solid particles larger than 4 microns as compared to one-stage coalescers capable of removing up to 10 microns
  • Compact design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Three flow configurations (horizontal inlet and outlet (model 31L-CLC), vertical upflow inlet and horizontal outlet (model 36L-CLC), horizontal inlet with vertical upflow outlet (model 35L-CLC) 
  • High efficiency over wide flow range
  • Gas, steam, or air applications

Key Coalescer/Separator Applications:

  • Compressed refrigeration gases
  • Evaporator overhead steam
  • Compressed air prior to desiccant dryer beds
  • High pressure gas at injection wells
  • Fuel gas lines to engines in power and industrial plants
  • Natural gas and gas distribution lines or regulator stations
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