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Vickers Hydraulic Filters

Eaton Vickers Filters are available with various filter materials, different construction types and micron ratings to help prolong the life of your Hydraulic System.  Our wide range of filters provides trouble-free operation when filtering abrasive fluids, cooling lubricants or water-based fluids and are designed to achieve cleanliness class requirements.


  • Breather Filters:
    Breathers protect hydraulic system by filtering out damaging moisture and particles. The H20-gate Vent Breather creates a moisture barrier when there is a 5 °F (2 °C) difference between reservoir and ambient temperature and when there is a 10% per minute exchange of air volume above the fluid. The Mobile-gate breather is smaller in size but is also 1/4 the size and 1/2 the capacity of the H20-gate. These temperature and air flow conditions are present in most hydraulic systems which employ a cylinder.
  • Spin-on Filters:
    Spin-on filters typically consist of a head mounted directly in-line with the return piping and a canister containing an element which screws onto a threaded post. The canister seals to the head to prevent leakage. They are an effective and economical choice of filter where the return line pressure is low and there are no large flow surges with the return line. They are also easily installed without specialty equipment or tooling
  • Return Line Filters
    Return line filters usually have spin-on type elements, cartridge elements in an in-line mounted housing, or cartridge elements within a housing that is mounted directly within the reservoir itself Return line filters may also be equipped with fluid sampling devices to monitor the fluid cleanliness level. Secondary ports may also be incorporated to ad make-up fluid and ensure that the fluid is transferred through a filter before entering the system
  • In-Tank Filters
    In-tank filters are a special type of low pressure return line filters. In-tank filters are mounted directly to the reservoir tank top and have an accessible head that is located outside of the reservoir while the body of the housing is located inside the reservoir. The exposed cover allows the element to be easily replaced as needed.
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