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The WSPS 05 sensor is an effective diagnostic system for determining the saturation level of water in oil. The sensor detects the presence of free or emulsified water in hydraulic or lubrication systems, thereby enabling the user to prevent accelerated oil aging, increased wear, malfunctions and failure of components. The saturation of the fluid with water displays as a percentage. Saturation values of fluid are influenced by temperature. The WSPS 05 sensor includes an integrated thermal sensor that determines the exact temperature of the fluid during a measurement.

Eaton’s in-line measuring systems are designed to mount directly to stationary systems for continuous or periodic monitoring, or can be used as mobile monitoring solutions in hydraulic and lubricating systems. Immediate and accurate diagnoses enables the operator to influence the system or intervene with appropriate counteractive measures when necessary. 

Determination of water contamination in oil


  • Enables the user to prevent accelerated oil aging or increased wear
  • Protects against malfunctions and failure of system components
  • Integrated thermal sensor determines exact temperature of the fluid during measurement
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