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Eaton’s BECO MEMBRAN PS Beer membrane filter cartridges are designed specifically for beer filtration. 

BECO MEMBRAN PS Beer filter cartridges are designed for reliable removal of spoilage microorganisms and extended shelf life. Eaton will work with you to help ensure you produce a beer that is stable over time.

Filter material
Absolute (LRV-Values)
Max. operating temperature
176 °F (80 °C)


  • The asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane provides high microbiological retention and can be integrity tested
  • The high filter area and asymmetric membrane structure of polyethersulfone offers exceptionally high flow rates and outstanding service life
  • The special design allows for 72.5 psi (5 bar) differential pressure in the direction of flow and 29 psi (2 bar) differential pressure in reverse to support a long service life
  • The high thermal stability allows more than 100 steam sterilization cycles
  • Broad chemical compatibility from pH 1 - 14
  • Eaton can suggest the most economical configuration of pre and final filter
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