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BECO MiniCap P

BECO MiniCap P ready-to-use filters include BECOPAD P depth filter sheets. The BECOPAD P depth filter sheet’s high-purity celluloses form a unique structure, which even for microbe removal does not require mineral components.

The BECO MiniCap P disposable filters are used for the filtration of small volumes of media containing particles, or for microbe removal.

Filtration unit
Totally Disposable
Filter area
3.3 in² (21.2 cm²)
Scale-up Trials


  • Shorter process times
  • Higher process safety
  • No cleaning effort or cleaning validation required

BECOPAD P depth filter media are cationic, characterized by charge-related adsorption during filtration. Additionally, the filter medium has very low soluble ion content, especially calcium, magnesium, and aluminum. The chemical resistance and bursting strength is extremely high. Therefore, is suitable for applications involving mechanical separation of particles and adsorptive retention of negatively charged particles.

Due to the minimum endotoxin content and the increased endotoxin reduction, the filter medium is ideal for pharmaceutical processes.

BECO MiniCap P filters have a filter area of 3.3 in² (21 cm²). With a filtration volume of 0.26 – 2.6 gal (1 – 10 liter), they are suitable for laboratory applications and scale-up trials.


  • Scale-up trials
  • Selection of suitable filter media and determination of the required filter area
  • Sample preparation
  • Separation of cell debris
  • Filtration of cell culture media
  • Filtration of serum

Industries include:

  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fine Chemistry
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