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Eaton's BECO PR ENDURA S support sheets with endotoxin content of < 0.08 EU/ml after rinsing with 1.23 gal/ft² (50 l/m²) WFI (Water for Injection) are specifically formulated for precoat filtration and valuable product recovery in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. The very exceptional surface qualities enable quick and easy paste release in applications such as plasma fractionation. 

Filter Material
High strength artificial fibres
Pre-coat filtration
FDA, EC 1935/2004, BfR XXXVI/1; Validation Guide available


  • Extremely low content of extractable components
  • Low endotoxin content through special production technique
  • Comprehensive quality assurance for all raw and auxiliary materials and intense in-process controls ensure consistent quality of the finished products
  • Increased product yield during cake harvesting due to the extremely smooth and hydrophobic surface
  • Easy past recovery (harvest) and secure handling due to high wet bursting strength
  • Reduced product loss due to the low hold up volume (small thickness and optimized permeability
  • The filter material meets the guidelines of FDA, CRF 21 § 177.2260
  • A Validation Guide is available upon request

Special Low-Endotoxin Filter Sheet for Precoat Filtration with Minimum Loss of Product

The application of Eaton's BECO PR ENDURA S in precoat filtration, particularly for cake harvesting as part of plasma fractionation, ensures safe and economic filtration results. Product loss during cake harvesting is minimized due to the extremely smooth and hydrophobic surface of BECO PR ENDURA S. The high wet bursting strength of BECO PR ENDURA S further simplifies cake harvest through secure handling. Even if the intention is to extract the filtrate as a resource substance during precoat filtration, product loss is minimized due to the low suction volume (small thickness and hydrophobic matrix) of BECO PR ENDURA S.

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