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LOFCLEAR 100 automotive

Each of these four LOFCLEAR 100 filter bag models has a special function for paint and varnish applications in the automotive industry´.

Filter Material


  • High-strength sewn multi-layer filter bag construction with welded SENTINEL seal ring
  • Layers of melt-blown polypropylene filter material help to clean fluid gradually and reliably
  • Patented SENTINEL seal ring provides 100% bypass-free filtration
  • Spunbond cover layer virtually eliminates fiber release and migration
  • Material is free from silicone and crater-forming substances
  • Eaton strongly recommends the use of an insertion tool that facilitates the insertion of the filter bag into the bag filter housing and ensures the correct alignment of the filter bag inside the restrainer basket

Key LOFCLEAR 100 Automotive applications

  • Filtration of paints and varnishes in the automotive industry
  • Removal of solids and oils

Models 128, 129, 130, 135: High-performance filter bags for paints and coatings

Consists of an electrostatically charged medium and is suitable for the adsorption of particles and oils in e-coat and other paint systems.

Made from double-layer material and suitable for oil adsorption. Ensures cost-effective, excellent performance and long service life during e-coat processes.

The multi-layer construction offers high particle removal efficiency and optimized oil adsorption capacity fulfilling the requirements for coating applications.

An especially thick melt-blown polypropylene material delivers high particle and oil removal for clearcoat applications where pigment removal is not an issue.

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