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Porous titanium filter cartridges are designed for applications involving extreme operating conditions and aggressive fluids and gases. The rugged, fixed pore structure is constructed from sintered titanium powder. The result is a filter element that can withstand heat, high pressures and repeated cleaning/backwash cycles. Mechanical strength and corrosion resistance are the results of a seamless design.

Eaton’s LOFMET filter cartridges are designed for a variety of applications including corrosive liquids and gases, cryogenic fluids, high viscosity solutions, process steam, high temperature liquids and gases and catalyst recovery.

Filter material
99.5% efficiency
Max. operating temperature
700 °F (371 °C)*


  • High corrosion resistance
  • All sintered titanium or stainless steel 316 construction
  • Backwashable for reuse and maximum economy
  • Multiple end configurations and gasket/o-rings to fit most filter housings
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