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Eaton‘s LOFTREX Nylon filter cartridges are manufactured using the highest performance Nylon 6 polymers. Nylon 6 microfibers produce a melt-blown depth filter with exceptional performance properties. This construction means that LOFTREX Nylon can withstand the most demanding applications in high temperature and chemical exposure applications. Its high temperature rating of 248 °F (120 °C) meets or exceeds most resin bonded type filters. 

Filter material
Polyamide 6 (melt-blown)
90% efficiency
Max. operating temperature
248 °F (120 °C)


  • Made of high purity polyamide 6 fibers (melt-blown)
  • No binders or adhesives
  • Excellent chemical and thermal compatibility
  • Individually sealed in plastic foil
  • FDA listed (U.S. CFR, Title 21) materials of construction for food and beverage contact
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