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MAX-LOAD Coreless

MAX-LOAD coreless filter bags are manufactured from melt-blown media. Combined in a multi-graded configuration they provide an excellent dirt holding capacity. The rigid structure with a total media depth greater than 18 mm, provides a barrier to hard and metallic as well as deformable gel-type contaminants.



  • Rigid graded media structure with a total depth greater than 18 mm
  • Available in polypropylene and polyester with matching end caps and seal rings to cover most processing conditions
  • Fits in all Eaton standard size 01 and 02 restrainer baskets
  • Produced through silicon-free process and procedure
  • Patented SENTINEL seal ring provides 100% bypass-free filtration
  • Thermobonded endcaps provide a strong, bypass-free and a seamless construction
  • Outer seamless spunbond cover structure limits fiber migration to a bare minimum
  • Optionally available with extra polyamide 10 µm outer mesh cover for extra safety in highly intermittent operating conditions

Key MAX-LOAD coreless filter bag applications:

  • Water treatment
  • Bulk and fine chemicals
  • Metal cleaning
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