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FHM Fixture Hanger with Locking Plug

The Crouse-Hinds series FHM fixture hanger with locking plug is used for mounting industrial LED and HID type light fixtures in non-hazardous locations.

Certifications and compliances

  • Meets UL and NEMA requirements for the listed electrical ratings

Design features

  • Power hook housing has two 3/4” through feed hubs and one 3/4” hub on the top for pendant mounting; through feed hubs are furnished with flush plugs
  • Cast mounting lugs are provided for direct ceiling mounting
  • Housing contains a roomy 15 cu. in. splicing chamber and interlocking type receptacle with leads
  • Plugs and receptacles are interlocking to prevent accidental disengagement; when plug is inserted, hook is blocked and luminaire assembly cannot be removed; to service the luminaire, pull the plug, unhook the loop luminaire assembly, and take it to a convenient servicing area
  • Loop can move a maximum of 30°, allowing the power hook to be mounted on a canted ceiling; the luminaire assembly will hang true to the vertical
  • Loop and hook are shaped for self-alignment and resist twisting of luminaire by gusts of wind or light drafts 
  • Supporting loop is furnished with 16” of #16-3/C Type SO cord and an interlocking type plug

Standard materials

  • Power hook body – copper-free aluminum
  • Access cover – zinc plated cold rolled steel
  • Loop – copper-free aluminum
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