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Fuel Vapour Combo Valve

Eaton’s Fuel Vapour Combo Valve provides a sub-system fuel vapour venting management solution by integrating fill limit and grade venting functions with a liquid trap.  Patented Eaton technology provides an advanced solution addressing liquid carry over at static and dynamic vehicle operation. Flexible packaging options for internal and external mounting configurations mitigate challenges set by unique tank geometries. 


  • Internal and external mounting
  • Various low and high shut-off heights
  • Very low leak (< 0.05 ccm)
  • High slosh venting capacity
  • Wide range of permeation levels

Engineering Capabilities

Eaton's world class engineering and design expertise are leading the way in developing innovative and highly efficient fuel emissions controls. Dedication to system optimization has achieved a quality control rating of less than 2 PPM (parts per million).