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Fuel Tank Isolation Valve (FTIV)

Hybrid vehicle fuel systems require special measures to address evaporative emissions as the gas engine only operates intermittently, creating the need to store pressurized fuel vapor. Eaton's Fuel Tank Isolation Valve (FTIV®) manages pressure and controls release of fuel vapor to the canister until the engine is on. 

Rapid Depressurization
Ideal for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and pressurized fuel systems
Optimized Packaging
Compact and lightweight inline design
Simplified Integration
Varied mounting solutions and orientations


  • Patented two stage design enables rapid depressurization of fuel system
  • Reduces vapor permeation paths by more than 50% versus competitive technology
  • Optimized packaging for reduced size and weight
  • Flexible mounting orientations for both 90° and 180° versions
  • Optional Pressure Sensing


Other benefits

  • Precise metering control of fuel vapor flow from tank to canister
  • Stabilizing tank pressure within the safety range through
    • Over-Pressure Relief (OPR)
    • Over-Vacuum Relief (OVR)
  • Configurable design aspects to match the application
  • Rapid fuel tank vapor depressurization
  • 2-stage main orifice that minimizes depressurization times while preventing corking of other fuel vapor valves
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90 degree and 180 degree FTIV systems

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Engineering Capabilities

Eaton's world class engineering and design expertise are leading the way in developing innovative and highly efficient fuel emissions controls. Dedication to system optimization has achieved a quality control rating of less than 2 PPM (parts per million).