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Digital densitometer

Eaton’s digital fuel densitometer measures fuel density for highly accurate fuel-quantity calculations. Its vibrating spool design features a unique, low-power digital interface. Calibration coefficients, temperature and frequency data are read by a monitoring computer via a digital bus. One wire set sends all probe and compensator data, eliminating the need for additional densitometer wiring.

Current Draw
< 1.5 mA
Temperature Sensor
+/- 1°C per ATP (+/- 0.5⁰C per sensor specification)


  • Reduces all probe and analogy electronic data errors
  • Required for high system accuracy
  • No dedicated wires are used – connects on the same four wires as a chain of digital fuel gauging probes
  • Includes high accuracy temperature sensor
  • Unit outputs calibration and continuous data 
  • Certified per AC 25.981-1C
  • In-tank mounted
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