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Edison 系列 Class L 熔断器

Edison Class L fuses, Catalog Numbers LCL time-delay or LCU fast acting are recommended for high capacity main, feeder or branch circuits in power distribution systems and for special applications such as system upgrading or installation ahead of network protectors.


  • 双元件、限流和延时熔断器
  • 延时熔断器在额定电流的 500% 时提供 5 秒(最小)延时,可对大型电机负载进行更接近的选型
  • 额定电流范围为 601 至 6000 安培
  • UL 和 CSA 认证(出厂检查额定值)

Edison Class L 熔断器的优点


Bussmann 系列熔断器原理

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