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CEAG AB05 LED and HID Explosion-protected light fixtures
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CEAG AB05 LED and HID Explosion-protected light fixtures

A flameproof and impact-resistant wallpack for lighting outdoor pathways, walkways and corridors in hazardous areas.  The CEAG AB05 Explosion-protected wallpack from Eaton Crouse-Hinds Division provides safe and reliable lighting in Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous areas.  Available with a 22W LED module or a 70W HID lamp, the AB05 wallpack is constructed of a durable, powder-coated, cast iron housing.  An an integral guard, scratch-resistant glass cover, and an IP66 rating provide further protection from impact, vibration, and the elements.  

These light fixtures are designed for targeted indoor and outdoor lighting where corrosive, wet, dusty, hot and/or cold conditions exist.  Common installations include oil and gas production facilities, chemical plants, and heavy industrial applications.

Certifications and compliances

IEC/EN Standards

  • EC-Type Examination Certificate: 
    •  AB05 LED: BVS 09 ATEX E 014 X
    •  AB05 HID: BVS 07 ATEX E 151
  •  IECEx Certificate of Conformity: 
    •  AB05 LED: IECEx BVS 09.0032X
    • AB05 HID: IECEx BVS 10.0071
  • Marking accd. to 2014/34/EU: 
    • AB05 LED: Ex II 2 G Ex d IIB T6 (Tu ≤ +40°C)/T5 Gb; EX II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T80 °C (Tu ≤ +40°C)/T100 °C Db IP66
    • AB05 HID: Ex II 3 G nR II T4/T3 Gc; Ex II 3 D Ex tc IIIC T100°C/ T125°C/ T140°C Dc IP66
  • Marking accd. to IECEx: 
    • AB05 LED: Ex d IIB T6 (Tu ≤ +40°C)/T5 Gb; Ex tb IIIC T80°C (Tu ≤ +40°C)/T100°C Db
    •  AB05 HID: Ex nR IIC T4/T3 Gc; Ex tc IIIC T100°C/T125°C/T140°C Dc IP66
  • Degree of protection accd. to EN 60529: IP66
  • Permissible ambient temperature: -55 °C up to +55 °C


Design features

  • Compact and lightweight fixture provides a rugged solution for hazardous and extremely harsh environments
  • Optimised light distribution for low and medium suspension heights - ideal for illuminating walkways, corridors, stairways and storage rooms and for use in all areas with limited space.
  • IP66 degree of protection
  • Protective glass dome is extremely impact and heat resistant.
  • Integral guard provides added protection against impact and shock
  • Certified for ambient temperatures from -20 °C up to +50 °C

Standard materials

  • Enclosure – Light alloy with powder coating
  • Protective cover - Borosilicate glass
  • External screws – stainless steel