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Champ nVMV HID Ex-protected Light Fixtures

For use in IEC and ATEX applications, the Crouse-Hinds series Champ nVMV is a cost-effective, energy-efficient HID light fixture suitable for global specifications.  Available in 70W to 400W metal halide or high pressure sodium, the nVMV is optimal for Zone 2 gas applications (restricted breathing Ex nR protection is standard), as well as Zone 21 dust applications.

Certifications and compliances

Application in Zone 2 area acc. IEC 60079-15

  • Marking to 94/9/EC: Ex II 3 G Ex nR II T*...Gc
  • EC - Type Examination: LCIE 09 ATEX 1002

Application in Zone 21 and 22 areas acc. IEC 61241-1

  • Marking to 94/9/EC: Ex II 2 D Ex t IIIC T...°C(*) Db IP66
  • EC - Type Examination: LCIE 09 ATEX 3008

General per both application Zone 2 and 21

  • Temperature ambient of use: -45°C to +55°C
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 61000-6-4
  • Degree of protection: acc. EN 60529 IP66



Design features

  • One product offering for global applications; the Champ nVMV family has the required IEC and ATEX certifications to provide solutions for specification requirements around the world
  • Restricted breathing (Ex nR) protection is standard; this provides better T-ratings, as gases will not enter the lamp chamber and control gear housing
  • Provides an integrated ballast with thermal cut-off functionality incorporated into the control gear; in the event of abnormal temperatures or when the lamp approaches end of life, the cut-off functionality protects the ballast from overheating or burning out
  • Identical mounting cover for IEC and NEC applications – regardless of wattage, options, and accessories; reduce inventory costs and provide greater flexibility for engineering designers, customers and distributors
  • HPS lamps restrike in 10-30 seconds with the instant restrike option (IR) should lamp extinguish due to system voltage drop or momentary loss; optional built-in cut-off feature will shut off the instant restrike to avoid continuous high energy pulsing when lamp is inoperative or nearing end of life
  • Available with the Champ Quick-Clip; Quick-Clip secures the housing to the cover, providing faster, easier and safer luminaire installation

Standard materials

  • Ballast housing and mountings – copper-free aluminum
  • Exterior hardware – Type 304 stainless steel
  • Reflectors (dome and angle) – Krydon fiberglass-reinforced polyester
  • Globes – heat- and impact-resistant glass
  • Guards – copper-free aluminum and stainless steel (250W-400W large housing – stainless steel only)

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