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HPL LED Hazardous Area Light Fixtures

Crouse-Hinds series HPL LED fixtures are suitable for Zone 1 and 2 Ex-gas and Zone 21 and 22 Ex-dust hazardous areas.  Our HPL is available in four models ranging from 3,000 lumens to 8,000 lumens, providing a lighting solution for a wide range of applications.  The fixture is also available with an option for emergency lighting applications.

HPL LED fixtures are engineered to provide maintenance-free operation, while delivering long life and high lumen performance.  A high-efficacy design provides up to 100 lumens per watt.  Multiple mounting options, including pendant, ceiling, wall, yoke and pole, provide installation flexibility.

Crouse-Hinds series HPL LED fixtures are ideal for general area lighting in heavy industrial, chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical facilities, platforms, shipyards, electric power, loading docks, wastewater treatment and paper mills.

Wide beam optics
Energy efficiency
Delivers up to 100 lm/W
Corrosion-resistant design

Certifications and compliances

  • EC-Type Examination Certificate: EPT 16 ATEX 2405X
  • IECEx-Certification of Conformity: IECEx CQM 15.0054X
  • GB Certificate: GYJ15.1157X
  • Marking accd. to 94/9/EC: Ex II 2 G Ex db eb mb op is IIC T6 Gb; Ex II 2 D Ex tb op is IIIC T80˚C Db
  • Marking accd. to IECEx: Ex db e mb IIC T6 Gb; Ex tb IIIC T80˚C Db IP66
  • Marking accd. to GB: Ex d e mb IIC T6 Gb; Ex tD A21 IP66 T80˚C
  • Degree of protection: IP66

Design features

  • Up to 66% energy savings compared to HID fixtures
  • Extremely low profile and lightweight
  • T6 temperature rating and optical performance for wide applications
  • Permissible temperature range: -40˚C to +40˚C/45˚C/50˚C (for normal applications); -40˚C to +45˚C (for emergency lighting applications)
  • Cool white (5700K) and warm white (3000K) color temperatures are available
  • Anti-shock and vibration-proof
  • Mercury-free and lead-free
  • Instant ON/OFF
  • Long fixture life and years of maintenance-free operation

Standard materials

  • Housing – copper-free aluminum
  • Globe – heat- and impact-resistant tempered glass