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Dowmax axial piston motors

Perfect for applications such as directional drilling machinery, top head drives and marine winches, Eaton Dowmax axial piston motors feature a double swash plate design and multiple opposed pistons.

Axial piston
99-4,097cc (6 to 250 cu in)
275 bar (4,000 psi)

Smooth operation at low speeds

The Dowmax ME’s multiple pistons and double swash plate design allows for smoother operation at speeds as low as 1 rpm. Speed sensor options are available.

Options available for a wide range of applications

Compact and easy to install, all Dowmax ME motors feature a robust construction with options for:

  • 13 different displacements
  • Numerous shaft styles
  • Various mounting configurations


Unaffected by thermal shock

Good for starting at cold temperatures, Dowmax ME motors feature a flat, pressure-compensating valve plate that prevents thermal shock.


  • Directional drilling machinery
  • Top head drives
  • Marine winches
  • Industrial drives
  • Locks & dams

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