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DuraForce fixed motors

Eaton DuraForce fixed motors are designed for long life in extreme applications. These motors deliver high efficiency, precision control and durability, with a peak pressure rating of 500 bar.

Axial piston
28-280 cc (1.1 to 11 cu in)
420 bar (6,100 psi)

Engineered to fit in small spaces

DuraForce fixed motors help you accommodate the most challenging space requirements, in both mobile and industrial applications. A 21° maximum swash angle ensures the most compact packaging possible. 

Long lasting

Mobile applications have increasing pressure requirements and life expectations. These motors are designed to help you meet these demands. 

dump truck and excavator

Flexible and highly configurable

The modular design of DuraForce variable motors allows you to configure them for a variety of applications. Interchangeable controls optimize system efficiency.


  • Construction
  • Mining & material handling
  • Agriculture
  • Oil & gas
  • Drilling
  • Process industries

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