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JMF swing drive motors

Eaton JMF swing drive motors provide top-tier performance with a compact design and high power density. Mechanical and volumetric efficiencies conserve energy, and mechanical shocks ensure a smooth ride.

Axial piston with gear reduction
29-250 cc (1.8 to 15.3 cu in)
380 bar (5,500 psi)

Smooth operation

Mechanical shocks minimized through integrated valve design ensure a smooth, energy-absorbing transition during starts (acceleration) and stops (deceleration).

Advanced features and functionality:

  • Improved design for higher start up torque and overall efficiency
  • Compact, but with high power density
  • Compatible with a variety of installation requirements 
Concrete pump truck at construction site

Safety features provide peace of mind

Every JMF swing motor has an integrated fail-safe mechanical parking brake, brake release valve, shockless relief, and anti-reverse valves.


  • Excavator
  • Mini excavator
  • Concrete pump
  • Crane
  • Drilling

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