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625 Modular recessed LED lighting range

The 625 range is a bespoke range of luminaires designed to fit 625mm exposed ‘T’ grid ceiling systems.

Although suited to a range of applications, the 625 range is most at home in commercial office applications that require modern, cost-effective lighting.

Designed to complement Eaton's existing Cornell, Caton, Taliska P, and VersaPanel recessed ceiling lighting ranges, the 625 variants has been added to be compatible with lay-in / pull up requirements for 625mm exposed ‘T’ grid ceiling systems. 

Tune your office to maximize its potential

With building designs influenced by European Headquarters, why not install the same luminaires to continue the consistency within each location? Designed to complement our existing Cornell, Caton, Taliska P, and VersaPanel ranges, the 625 variants are compatible with lay-in / pull up requirements for 625mm Exposed ‘T’ grid ceiling systems. Supporting wider applications from diverse areas through to alternative buildigns the 625 range is versatile to support your application.

Designed-in compliance

Designing with Eaton recessed luminaires opens up a number of possibilities for diverse solutions. In typical Commercial Office applications, a user defined brief can be easily accommodated. Visual communication is vital to the efficient and cohesive aspects of a Commercial Office environment. This is recognised in many lighting design guides. Good recognition and interaction with a person in that space increases productivity amongst workers. High levels of cylindrical illumination is seen as a key marker towards achieving this.

Eaton’s 5 year extended warranty comes as standard, for quality you can trust

When purchasing Eaton lighting products, you are safe in the knowledge that you are supported by our simple, reliable warranty with no hidden caveats. We support: 24/7 operation with no annual hours usage restrictions, 12 months parts and labour with an additional 48 months on parts and no need to register your product.

Choosing the right 625 recessed ceiling light

Cornell 625

  • Up to 114 Llm/cW efficacy
  • Unique Dynamic Aspect™ diffuser
  • Backlit construction for even lighting distribution and thermal efficiency
  • High output, high efficacy LED chip set optimised for recessed panel options, >80 CRI 4000°K

Taliska P 625

  • Up to 103 Llm/cW efficacy
  • Microprism and dispersal diffuser combination
  • Close colour tolerance: MacAdam 3 SDCM
  • High output, high efficacy LED chip set optimised for recessed panel options, >80 CRI 4000°K

Caton 625

  • Up to 100 Llm/cW efficacy
  • Tri-extruded diffuser with soft organic modelling
  • Contemporary aesthetics and space integration
  • High output, high efficacy LED chip set optimised for controlled recessed lighting applications

VersaPanel 625

  • Up to 95 Llm/cW efficacy
  • Even lit appearance, IP44 wipeable surface
  • ENEC driver, DALI option
  • 4000°K high output, high efficiency optimised LED panel illumination, >80CRI

Looking for a regular sized recessed ceiling light? View Eaton's standard verisons

From luminaire modifications to standard products, trust Eaton for your bespoke solution

With Eaton’s internal expertise, we can help meet the challenging demands of modern commercial buildings with our bespoke design service. Our accredited in-house testing facilities and our team of thermal, electrical and mechanical engineering experts are ready to support with each product design for your unique solution.
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