CEAG eLLK Non-metallic Hazardous Area Linear LED Light Fixtures
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CEAG eLLK Non-metallic Hazardous Area Linear LED Light Fixtures

The Crouse-Hinds series CEAG eLLK LED light fixture is an ideal source of general illumination, indoors or out, in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous environments.  This linear fixture combines the field-proven eLLK housing and EVG09 ballast with the latest LED technology for 110,000 hours of rated life, improved illumination and efficiency, and an extended temperature range of -25ºC to +55ºC.

Its heavy duty, non-metallic construction stands up to tough physical and environmental demands, making it an excellent choice where dust, dirt, gas, vapor, smoke, fumes, moisture, corrosive and wet conditions are present. 

eLLK LED light fixtures are also ideal for areas where low mounting height, immediate full illumination and even light distribution associated with a line-type light source are required, such as loading docks, tunnels and stairways. 

Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
110,000 hours at 25°C
20% savings over fluorescent

Certifications and compliances

IEC/EN standards

  • EC-Type Examination Certificate: BVS 09 ATEX E 034
  • IECEx Certificate of Conformity: IECEx BVS 09.0033
  • Marking accd. to 2014/34/EU: Ex II 2 G Ex de mb IIC T4 Gb; EX II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db IP66 
  • Marking accd. to IECEx: Ex de mb IIC T4 Gb; Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db
  • Degree of protection accd. to EN 60529: IP66
  • Permissible ambient temperature: -25°C up to +45°C / -25°C up to +55°C (HT)

Design features

  • Corrosion-resistant construction – non-metallic body, gasketed lenses and lens locking system for an IP66, NEMA 4X rating
  • 20% energy savings compared to fluorescent lamps
  • Heat sinks are specifically engineered to remove heat from the LEDs to ensure a longer life, better lumen output and accurate color temperature
  • Environmentally-friendly, no mercury
  • Shock- and vibration-resistant, no filament or glass to break
  • Immediate start, instant full illumination
  • Special reflector design with indirect light distribution prevents undue glare and multi-shadowing
  • Various light colors available – 4000 K / 5600 K
  • For ambient temperatures from -25°C up to +45°C / +55°C
  • Available as self-contained emergency luminaire
  • Fully operational with V-CG-S modules for connection to CEAG central battery emergency lighting systems

Standard materials

  • Housing – glass fiber-reinforced polyester 
  • Lens – polycarbonate