Connect Wiring System - Rapid fit connector
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Connect Wiring System - Rapid fit connector

The Connect Wiring System is a simple to use solution that saves time and cuts the cost of installation, whilst providing future maintenance and flexibility benefits. Ideal for today's fast-paced project requirements.

Each light specified with the Connect system is fitted with an integral panel mounted socket. A pre-fabricated lead kit, consisting of a T-connector plus 3 or 5 metres of 4 core LSOH cable fitted with a connector at each end, rapidly links standard or emergency converted luminaires together.

Future maintenance or reconfiguration is straightforward, with luminaires simply plugged in and out of the circuit. If time and cost is paramount, the Connect Wiring System is an indispensable option. To support with your installation, we have partnered with a nationwide network of key stockists providing a high level of local availability. 


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