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Groupmaster - Stand-alone lighting motion detector

Eaton's range of motion sensors are able to control multiple compatible luminaires and replace the previous ‘Intellect’ Groupmaster units.

Groupmaster provides the opportunity to utilise intelligent lighting controls where it is not possible to use individual intelligent luminaires, perhaps for reasons of budget constraints. Groupmaster provides the benefits and set up features of the ILS ‘Intelligent lighting system’ with reduced equipment costs.

Supplied as a stand-alone unit, each Groupmaster can operate a number of luminaires fitted with switching or digital dimming control gear, sharing light level and on/off control signals. 

Energy saving - typically between 50% and 70%
Absence detection to daylight linking
Easy to set-up minimising installation time

Entry level lighting controls without the need for individual intelligent lights

Although offering less flexibility than using individual intelligent luminaires, as special features such as communication or background light mode are shared, Groupmaster provides a cost-effective solution for commercial and industrial buildings, from offices, factories and warehouses to schools and healthcare.

Taking cost savings to greater heights

The Groupmaster PIR, photocell lighting sensor range can detect up to a maximum height of 16m for the flush option and 12m for the surface options. Providing entry-level lighting control cost savings for applications with high ceilings such as warehouses, factories and large retail premises.

Eaton’s 5 year extended warranty comes as standard, for quality you can trust

When purchasing Eaton lighting products, you are safe in the knowledge that you are supported by our simple, reliable warranty with no hidden caveats. We support: 24/7 operation with no annual hours usage restrictions, 12 months parts and labour with an additional 48 months on parts and no need to register your product.

Flexible options to suit the building and application

A variety of features and functions can be achieved through the Groupmaster Detector. Although supplied as a stand-alone control unit for surface or recessed mounting into ceiling systems, the functionality may include*:

  • Absence function
  • Occupancy detection
  • Daylight linking
  • Constant illumination
  • Illumination control
  • Infra-red system set-up
  • Stand-alone operation or BUS loop communication
  • Background light mode
  • Variant dependent
Available as in a surface mount housing or as a flush fit recessed unit, the sensor can be mounted remotely or integrated onto the appropriate luminaire and is available in DSI or DALI digital dimming compatible format as well as a simple 6A switching variant.

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From luminaire modifications to standard products, trust Eaton for your bespoke solution

With Eaton’s internal expertise, we can help meet the challenging demands of modern commercial buildings with our bespoke design service. Our accredited in-house testing facilities and our team of thermal, electrical and mechanical engineering experts are ready to support with each product design for your unique solution.
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