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Hazard-Gard EVLS Compact Explosionproof HID Light Fixtures

The Crouse-Hinds series Hazard-Gard EVLS compact explosionproof HID light fixture is perfect as an area lighting workhorse where space constraints exist.  EVLS fixtures are used for general lighting and task lighting in areas where flammable or explosive vapors or gases are present, such as refineries, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants, oil terminals and drilling applications.

The EVLS is approved for use in Class I, Division 1 and Zone 1 locations, as well as Class II locations.  It is available with 50W-175W metal halide, pulse start metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps.  

In addition to being compact and rugged, the EVLS features a quick-connect design that facilitates easy installation and saves labor.  Simply install and wire the mounting module, and then screw in the fixture to make the electrical connection.


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