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Intelligent Lighting System (ILS) - Advanced building controls
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Intelligent Lighting System (ILS) - Advanced building controls

The Intelligent Lighting System (ILS) is one of the most advanced lighting and energy management systems available today. System intelligence is built into every luminaire, monitoring and reacting to occupancy, pre-selected light levels and changes in ambient daylight levels.

Absence functionality is incorporated to maximise energy saving and controls factor compliance with building regulations. The result is a highly efficient and intelligent lighting controls system, which is easily re-configured as room layout or usage changes, via a simple handheld infra-red programmer. ILS is particularly suited to commercial buildings, such as large office buildings, but whatever the application, the system delivers automatic energy savings combined with outstanding flexibility.

Occupancy detection, daylight linking and constant illumination
Absence functionality maximizes energy saving
Choice of standard 50mm ‘cube’ or mini head sensor

Always talking to create a more efficient, safe and pleasant environment

Importantly, ILS fully considers the human dimension. Luminaires communicate with each other, allowing selected fittings to switch on together offering a pleasant, safe and correctly illuminated environment. A handy infra-red override unit also provides local control for individuals on a temporary basis.

Simple system setup at the click of a button

Designed with install in mind, the system set-up is carried out after installation. A portable infra-red programmer is required, which transmits all set-up instructions to a receiver within the luminaire. Once programmed, the luminaire will retain its settings, even in the event of a power failure. Re-programming is easy - new instructions are simply transmitted to the luminaire.

Eaton’s 5 year extended warranty comes as standard, for quality you can trust

When purchasing Eaton lighting products, you are safe in the knowledge that you are supported by our simple, reliable warranty with no hidden caveats. We support: 24/7 operation with no annual hours usage restrictions, 12 months parts and labour with an additional 48 months on parts and no need to register your product.

Everything you'll need for an intelligent lighting system


All ILS luminaires are supplied with digital high frequency dimming control gear and a built-in ILS detector, which contains all system controls and intelligence in an unobtrusive housing. Product pages indicate if ILS variants are available.

2-Way Digital Programmer

Hand held commissioning device with keypad and LCD display. Required for performing all programming functions, by authorised personnel. Menus are accessed and data selected using the previous, next and select buttons, prompted by clear screen messages. Send button used to programme luminaire with selected functions. Read button to interrogate and download luminaires settings. A timesaving feature is the ability to upload or download all setting parameters in one go allowing settings to be copied from one sensor to the next.

Infra-Red Controller

The LCSQC hand held controller can be used to set basic parameters on the Intelligent Lighting System. It is also compatible with the stand-alone sensors. It provides simple day-to-day actions such as on/off override and light level adjustment.

Quick Set Remote Controllers

Compact ergonomically designed unit with soft-touch push buttons. Provides users with on, off and dim, brighten functions for individual and groups of luminaires. Additional buttons allow for changing of time delay settings on absence or presense detection.

BUS Communication Cable

 A standard mains insulated 2 core unscreened twisted pair cable of 1.5mmcross-sectional area is recommended. Installed between all luminaires to provide the communication link. The cable may be run in a radial, star, tee or ring format. A ring circuit provides a higher degree of integrity, with communication fully retained if a single point of interruption is experienced. Cable length should not exceed 1500m, subject to topology. Polarity must be observed when connecting the BUS cable to each luminaire.

BUS Power Supply

There is a choice of power supplies to drive the BUS loop, the larger BPS200 can power up to 200 devices on the loop, with the smaller BPS100 unit operating up to 100 devices. On larger systems the BPS200 can be linked to another BUS loop powered by a second BPS200.

Wall Plate

The manual wall plate LCSWP3S is a useful addition to the system enabling local control of those luminaires assigned to the same zone address as the wall plate.

It connects to and draws its power from the BUS loop and occupies 2 device nodes on the system. 3 pre-set scenes can be selected as well as providing the ability to dim, brighten and switch off the luminaires as required. The bezel cover plate is available in a range of colours (ordered separately), please contact us for more information.

From luminaire modifications to standard products, trust Eaton for your bespoke solution

With Eaton’s internal expertise, we can help meet the challenging demands of modern commercial buildings with our bespoke design service. Our accredited in-house testing facilities and our team of thermal, electrical and mechanical engineering experts are ready to support with each product design for your unique solution.
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