Leat UGR - Modern, minimalist low glare LED ceiling light
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Leat UGR - Modern, minimalist low glare LED ceiling light

Leat Low Glare is the latest linear LED lighting system from Eaton. With an innovative uniform construction, clean minimalist lines and high efficiency, Leat Low Glare provides a new alternative for conventional general lighting applications where a low glare solution is required.

Simple installation is a key benefit, thanks to the positive coupled connector system which ensures tight true lines are achieved. 

Designed with a prismatic polycarbonate diffuser to give an evenly lit appearance across the whole face. Emergency operation is integral to 1.124m variants as an option, making for seamless visual integration.

Low Glare solution
Helps towards low glare solutions with UGR <19
Creativity of applications
Ideal for stand alone and continuous applications
Design freedom
Three preset lumen output options per length

Leat Low Glare construction

Leat Low Glare continuous is simple to install; a coupled connector aligns sections accurately and consistently to create a precision installation. With the flexibility to have installations with incremental lengths of 1.124 metres, the Leat Low Glare gives uniform lighting realization for many applications.

1. Insert coupled connector plates                             

Leat Low Glare - Sequence 1

4. Install diffuser and film

Leat Low Glare - Sequence 4

2. Join sections together and secure coupled connector plates

Leat Low Glare - Sequence 2

5. Complete installation

Leat Low Glare - Sequence 5

3. Insert integrated gear trays and connect electrically

Leat Low Glare - Sequence 3

Design freedom with the Leat Low Glare

Leat Low Glare is available in a choice of three lumen outputs per unit length, allowing for the most energy efficient choices to be made within the design process. Each maintain the same lumen output per metre, giving a uniform effect and appearance across the array. All Leat Low Glare models are also available with DALI control gear to offer ultimate light volume and effect in the control of the space.

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