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Montaine Circular - High bay IP65 LED industrial light

The Montaine Circular IP65 high bay is a highly efficient LED luminaire ideally suited to a wide range of industrial applications, for both new installations and retrofit applications.

The heavy duty aluminium die-cast construction, combined with the latest LED chip technology and extended operating temperatures, provide the ruggedness and high performance required for modern factories, warehouses and commercial buildings. 

Easy retrofit from existing HID installations
Polycarbonate optic ideal for food preparation locations
Heavy duty aluminium die-cast construction

Keeps going for 50,000 hours

Montaine Circular provides energy savings of up to 50%+ against existing HID high-bays, with single point suspension making it easy to retrofit. The long life 50,000 hour LED light source also provides significant maintenance cost savings.

Save money, make it smart

Select our integrated microwave sensor variant to unlock the ability for the luminaire to monitor a detection area, set time delays on functions and to set a daylight threshold that can be precisely set via a DIP switch. The recommended mounting height is 12 meters with a 16-meter detection range.

Eaton’s 5 year extended warranty comes as standard, for quality you can trust

When purchasing Eaton lighting products, you are safe in the knowledge that you are supported by our simple, reliable warranty with no hidden caveats. We support: 24/7 operation with no annual hours usage restrictions, 12 months parts and labour with an additional 48 months on parts and no need to register your product.

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Energy efficient, reliable and compliant - with a payback of as little as 9 months...

Energise your industrial lighting - Maximise the value of your investment with LED lighting optimised for energy-efficiency and compliance
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