Penumbra - Robust, outdoor LED light with darksky
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Penumbra - Robust, outdoor LED light with darksky

The Penumbra luminaire offers an energy saving alternative to traditional light sources for amenity area and perimeter lighting applications. The multi-die LED arrays deliver a long 50,000-hour life and eliminate the need for lamp changes, minimizing through life operating and maintenance costs.

A complex cutoff device keeps stray light to the minimum and helps provide a ‘Darksky’ environment and negates light trespass. 

The IP65 robust cast aluminium base and safety glass lens offer good impact resistance ideally suited to a variety of applications.

Robust aluminium construction for a long durable life
Low glare distribution from the directionally mounted LED array
A shielded LED array for a very low upward light distribution.
Penumbra exterior luminaire with photo sensor.

Simplistic installation

Installation is made simple with integrated features such as the side mount cable glands and rear BESA cable entry options.


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