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VersaPack - Low cost LED batten light

The VersaPack low cost LED batten range delivers great performance at a fantastic price point. With a focused range of lumen outputs to aid a simple install or retrofit replacement of standard fluorescent battens, it removes the complex task of trawling through data to select the product that is right for the job.

Selecting an experienced and trusted partner from an ever-expanding list of lighting manufacturers is critical for achieving a compliant, optimised and reliable solution. 

High efficiency LED strip technology
Optical control for high efficacies and ECA compliance
First fix base connection for rapid installation

Next generation VersaPack with significantly reduced maintenance costs

The VersaPack's long LED life, with no lamps to change, significantly reduces maintenance costs, particularly in 24/7 operations and inaccessible areas. VersaPack has a retaining screw feature adding integrity and ensuring tooled access only.

A helping hand for retrofit applications

VersaPack is also available in nominal 4’, 5’ and 6’ formats, ideal for both new installations and retro fit applications. The optic unit is connected via two wires in push in connectors and snap fits into the base

Illuminating the way - LED source

Excellent light transmission and LED source obscurity from the reeded opal diffuser. Lumen packages and length options to help retrofit against fluorescent single and twin applications

Eaton’s 5 year extended warranty comes as standard, for quality you can trust

When purchasing Eaton lighting products, you are safe in the knowledge that you are supported by our simple, reliable warranty with no hidden caveats. We support: 24/7 operation with no annual hours usage restrictions, 12 months parts and labour with an additional 48 months on parts and no need to register your product.

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Energy efficient, reliable and compliant - with a payback of as little as 9 months...

Energise your industrial lighting - Maximise the value of your investment with LED lighting optimised for energy-efficiency and compliance
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