4Dimension channel nuts
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4Dimension channel nuts

The 4Dimension strut system is designed for building and installing support systems for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, and data centers in both new and retrofit industrial and commercial applications.

The system is compatible with 90 percent of current B-Line series fittings and accessories, and includes unique 4Dimension channel nuts, spring nuts, strut nuts, and accessories. Each accessory features a unique design that works seamlessly with the multi-sided channel of the 4Dimension strut system. 

4Dimension dove-tail twirl nut

The 4Dimension dove-tail twirl nut significantly reduces installation time by easily inserting it any length of the dove-tail side of 4Dimension strut. 

4Dimension dove-tail slide-in nut

The 4Dimension dove-tail slide-in nut allows for increased job-site flexibility. The nut can be used on all four sides of the 4D22 and the dove-tail side of the 4D21 4Dimension strut system. This allows the full length of the channel to be used, allowing installers to maximize space in small spaces. 

4Dimension dove-tail combo nut washer

The 4Dimension dove-tail combo nut washer is designed to install into the dove-tail side of the 4Dimension channel. This eliminates the need for a flat washer and cuts down on the number of parts needed for assembly. Additionally, the washer helps to reduce overall install time which saves both time and money on project costs. 

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