4Dimension pipe clamps and fittings
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4Dimension pipe clamps and fittings

The 4Dimension strut system clamps and fittings work seamlessly with the 4Dimension channel, resulting in a lower total installed cost. The 4Dimension strut system is compatible with 90% of current B-Line series fittings and accessories, and includes universal pipe clamps, fittings and accessories.

4Dimension strut clamps

The 4Dimension strut clamps provide additional functionality and flexibility of modular strut design. The universal pipe clamps allow for use with both 4Dimension strut channel and traditional channel.

4Dimension strut fittings

The innovation 4Dimension strut fittings allow installers to full advantage of  the multi-side functionality of the 4Dimension channel profile. The strut fittings include post bases, beam clamps and back to back accessories. The 4Dimension dual dove-tail nut, and snap-on-clamp help eliminate the need for special orders of welded configurations.

4Dimension accessories

The 4Dimension system accessories include end caps and hydraulic strut cutter. 

Universal pipe clamp

The universal pipe clamp works is ideal to support 4" and smaller conduit and pipe.  It can be used with B-Line series traditional strut continuous open slot side.


Universal beam clamp

The universal design of this beam clamp cuts down on installation time by eliminating the need to remove a nut and washer during install, and works seamlessly with both the B-Line series traditional strut system and 4Dimension strut system. 

4Dimension two-piece strengthening clamp

The 4Dimension strut system two piece strengthening clamp can be used to support high load ratings. Its unique two-piece break apart design helps to increase the 4Dimension strut system's strength when it's installed. The clamp is ideal for ceiling grid applications and other applications that necessitate higher loads. The clamp can also be used as an all threaded rod (ATR) hanger support accessory

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