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Anchors and accessories

Eaton offers a wide variety of seismic and standard anchors and accessories for wood, steel and concrete applications.  

Rapid rod hangers

The one-piece Rapid Rod hanger is an all threaded fastener system used for suspending steel threaded rod. This hanger is suitable for overhead installations such as, suspending cable tray, pipe hangers, strut or conduit. Wood Rapid Rods can be installed with a screw gun or hammer drill. The concrete Rapid Rod hangers can be installed with an adjustable torque, battery powered screw gun or hammer drill. Both the concrete and the wood versions are UL listed and FM approved.

Types of anchors

The standard anchors and accessories include: 
  • ACW series concrete screw
  • ADA series drive anchors
  • ADE series double expansion anchor
  • ADH series hollow base drop in
  • ADI series drop-in
  • ADM series mini drop-in
  • ADN series drive nail
  • AMS series machine screw
  • APC series conical anchor
  • APD series plastic driller
  • APDM series mini plastic driller
  • APH series plastic hollow wall anchor
  • APS series plastic screw anchor
  • ARC series Rapid Rod for concrete
  • ARS series Rapid Rod for steel
  • ASA series sleeve anchor
  • ASE series single expansion anchor
  • ATB series toggle bolt
  • AWS series wedge anchor
  • AWS series wall screw
  • AZD series zinc driller
  • AZDM series mini zinc driller