Back to back channel and welded configurations
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Back to back channel and welded configurations

For the greatest design flexibility, combined with cost and time savings, Eaton offers one of the largest welded configurations of strut and welded combination strut/channel options available in the industry today. 

These configurations and combinations can be incorporated into any project that employs Eaton’s B-Line series strut system, including B-Line series strut fittings.

Channel and strut made for long-term service and convenience

B-Line series channels are fabricated using components that are cold-formed in modern rolling mills. Metal framing channel is made from 12-gauge (2.6mm), 14-gauge (1.9mm) and 16-gauge (1.5mm) low-carbon steel strips. A continuous slot with inturned lips provides the ability to make attachments at any point.

  • Slotted channel helps eliminate need for precise measuring for hole locations
    • Eaton offers a variety of pre-punched slot patterns that eliminate the need for precise field measuring. These hole locations and slots provide a wide range to make adjustments when using hardware.
  • Pre-punched hole patterns provide cost-effective means over field drilling
    • B-Line series channels feature a variety of pre-punched 9/16" (14.3mm) diameter hole patterns
  • B-Line series B217-20 closure strips provide cost-effective U.L. listed surface raceway


Quality-control testing means high-quality welding

The welding processes used for B-Line series back to back channel and channel configurations adhere to the standards of the America Welding Society (AWS) code. A statistical quality control program, combining destructive and nondestructive testing, is used to help ensure high quality welds on every B-Line series back to back channel configuration.

  • Spot welding manufacturing drives consistency in design
    • Spot welded back-to-back channel is manufactured using a DC powered resistance welder controlled by a microprocessor which produces a series of spot welds with speed and consistency. Variables such as weld sequence, speed and duration are carefully controlled and monitored by a sophisticated electronic control system.
  • MIG welding provides quality weld on special configurations
    • MIG welded, also known as gas metal arc welded (GMAW), combination channels and fittings, are produced when physical dimensions or certain combinations require a weld process other than automatic spot welding.