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Band/Swivel Hanger

Eaton offers various B-Line series band and swivel hangers for suspension and support of copper tubing, pipe and other mechanical equipment. These hangers are available in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes.

TOLCO Fig. 200 series band hangers


TOLCO Fig. 200 trimline adjustable band hanger

TOLCO Fig. 200 trimline adjustable band hanger is for fire sprinkler and other general piping purposes.  Knurled swivel nut design permits hanger adjustments after installation. This hanger is also available with felt lining (TOLCO Fig. 200F), plastic coated (TOLCO Fig. 200C) and with a removable nut for sizes 1” and 2” (TOLCO Fig. 200S).

TOLCO Fig. 200H heavy duty band hanger

TOLCO Fig. 200H heavy duty band hanger for trapeze is designed primarily to support substantially heavier loads than is normally intended for the nominal hanger size. Used extensively to support trapeze installations and the increased loads from both above and below the trapeze assembly.


TOLCO Fig. 200 trimline adjustable band hanger

The TOLCO Fig. 200 1/2” (15mm) thru 2” (50mm) sizes have flared edges for ease of installation on all pipe types and protects CPVC plastic pipe from abrasion. Captured knurled nut design (flared top) on 1” thru 2” sizes keep nut from separating with hanger. Hanger is easily installed around pipe.  The 1/2” (15mm), 3/4” (20mm), and 21/2” (65mm) thru 8” (200mm) models have a spring tension feature and the nut holds it securely in hanger before installation.