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Clevis Hanger

Eaton offers a wide variety of B-Line series clevis hangers to suspend and support insulated and non-insulated pipe while allowing vertical adjustment and limited movement. The clevis product line is available in different sizes, materials and finishes. 

When an oversized clevis is used, a pipe spacer should be placed over the cross bolt to assure that the lower U-strap will not move in on the bolt. 

B3100 Standard clevis hanger

B3100 series standard clevis hangers

The B3100 series standard clevis hanger features a Slide-Rite design that will not pinch during install and allows for a 15-degree swing in either direction for ease of feeding through pipe. 

The B3100C series standard plastic coated clevis hanger is designed for steel or other pipe types of the same O.D. and help reduce noise and vibration in pipe or tubing systems.

The B3100F series standard felt lined clevis hanger is designed for the suspension of copper tube to help prevent electrolysis between tubing and hanger and helps reduce noise and vibration in pipe or tubing systems.

B3104 series light-duty clevis hangers

The B3104 series light-duty clevis hanger is recommended for the suspension of light stationary pipe allowing for vertical adjustment. It is also available in felt-lined (B3104F series) and PVC coated (B3104C) options.

The B3104CT series clevis hanger is recommended for the suspension of non-insulated stationary copper tubing lines and is available with PVC coating (B3104CTC).

B3104 Adjustable steel clevis hanger
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