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Concrete inserts

B-Line series concrete inserts include continuous concrete inserts, spot inserts, and more.

Ceiling attachment / support

  • Concrete inserts help support and attach trapeze hangers, suspended pipe racks, cable trays and single or multiple pipe hangers in ceilings.

Wall attachment / support

  • Concrete inserts help support strut tunnel stanchions, equipment braces, brackets and pipe racks in wall applications

B-Line series channel can also be attached to concrete walls and floors with expansion anchors.

Continuous slot concrete inserts

Designed to provide a pre-set support system cast in concrete ceilings, walls, and floors to allow flexibility of attachment at any point along the channel, they provide an excellent support system for pipe, conduit, and cable trays. 

Spot inserts

Spot inserts support single pipes or trapeze-type hangers, and offer full flexibility in rod and fastener sizes. 


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