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Conduit trapeze supports

The versatile z-shaped design of the B-Line series conduit trapeze support allows for quicker installation and support of multiple sizes
of conduit, MC/AC cable, cable tray and other accessories, such as electrical boxes.

The solution installs up to 50% quicker than traditional strut
trapeze, and the conduit holes automatically align conduits
across the trapeze.  

Compared to traditional strut trapeze solutions, the B-Line series conduit trapeze support solution eliminates the need for conduit clamps at every support location; the result is a part reduction
of up 75%.

Most configurations exceed maximum load ratings defined by
UL/NEC requirements; UL listed for US and Canada.

Installation savings

  • Up to 50% quicker installation than traditional strut trapeze
  • Conduit holes automatically align conduits across trapeze
  • B-Line series SLN split lock nut provides additional time savings by attaching at any point along the all threaded rod

Material savings

  • Fewer components when compared to strut
  • Eliminates the need for conduit clamps at every
    support location
  • Flange accommodates 1⁄2" or 3⁄8" ATR or bolts;
    no washers required at the hanger locations
  • No special tools required

B-Line series conduit trapeze support design features

  • Unique Z design for added rigidity and strength
  • Flange accommodates 1/2” or 3/8”  ATR or bolts
  • May be mounted directly to concrete decking or other structures
  • Standard hole patterns make it easy to stack for multiple tiers, or splice end to end
  • Conduit clamps can be attached directly to either flange if needed
  • Flange holes provide multiple options for hanger rods, mounting hardware and other accessories
  • Overhang/cantilever option allows improved load ratings (i.e. 24" loads with 36" capacity)
Conduit trapeze support shown supporting cable tray and conduit
Conduit trapeze support supporting multiple runs of conduit
Conduit trapeze support features versatile z-shape to support multiple products