Datacomm and low voltage supports and fasteners
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Datacomm and low voltage supports and fasteners

When it comes to cable management solutions for data centers and light-duty commercial, low-voltage telecommunication and network cable organization, you can rely on Eaton’s B-Line series solutions. 

Our cable hooks, j-hooks, bridle rings and more provide an ideal solution to easily and quickly install your cable pathways.

In fact, our j-hook are used to support all category 5/5e/6, fiber optic, inner duct and low-voltage cable, and are available as single cable retainers or single- or double-sided, multi-tiered cable hooks.

No need for custom solution with B-Line series j-hook color ID clips

No need to wait for custom painted cable hooks; our J-hook color ID clips are in stock and work with new or already installed j-hooks for a quick and easy way for installers and inspectors to verify that cables are running in their designated pathways. 

J-Hook color ID clip

The B-Line series J-hook Color ID clip fits easily onto B-Line series cable hooks. Clips can be ordered pre-assembled, loose to assemble at the jobsite or clipped onto existing in use cable hooks. Ideal for visual verification that cables are installed correctly in their designated pathways.

Quick and easy to integrate into ceiling grids

Eaton’s Com Dangle solution is the perfect answer to ceiling wire challenges by easily integrating into the ceiling grid with one tie-off wires where jurisdiction requires.  Multiple colors allow for visual verification of cable pathways.

How to prevent cable bending, tearing and kinking during cable pulls

Don’t compromise your pathway and cable connections by using just any data hook for your data application, consider Eaton's B-Line series cable hooks.