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Deck and Flange Attachments

Eaton offers B-Line series deck and flange attachments designed to suspend rods from beams, concrete and other structural surfaces by bolting or welding. They are available in a variety of options, sizes, finishes and materials. 

Ceiling flange solutions

The B3199R series and B3199RCT series ceiling flanges are used when attaching a hanger or support rod to a beam, ceiling or walls. The B3100R is available in a plain or electro-galvanized finish, while the B3199RCT is B-Line series Dura-Copper coated.

Steel ceiling plate

The TOLCO fig. 78 all steel ceiling plate is designed to attach to wood beams, ceilings, metal decks or walls. It can also be welded to a steel beam.

Light duty angle clip

The B3060 series light-duty angle clip is design for attaching 3/8" - 16 hanger rod to the sides of beams or walls.