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Electrical accessories

The Eaton B-Line series electrical accessories are designed for surface metal raceway, lighting and cable supports. These time-saving products are ideal for electrical accessories include: 

  • Channel hangers
  • Fixture hangers
  • End caps
  • Connection end caps
  • Strut splices
  • Channel and box connectors
  • Closure strips
  • Outlet boxes
  • Conduit connection plates
  • Universal junction boxes and hubs
  • Strut joiners

Surface raceways

U.L. listed, Eaton B-Line series surface raceways meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code, Article 384. In addition to a raceway system, the channel provides structural support.

Cable supports

B-Line series electrical accessories include a full range of clamps and saddles in porcelain, thermoplastic elastomer. The Insulclamp cable clamps and porcelain saddles come complete with electro-plated steel clamps and hardware. 

Fittings ideal to use with strut raceway

If a ceiling grid is present or needed, why not use it as a raceway? Instead of creating a brand-new raceway system, Eaton can help incorporate your wire pathways into B-Line series strut channel structure.