Fiberglass cable ladder and cable channel tray
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Fiberglass cable ladder and cable channel tray

Eaton's fiberglass cable tray is approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Building and Classing Steel Vessels 4-8-4A1/9.1, making it ideal for caustic, harsh and marine environments. 

Material options

  • Polyester (F type)
  • Vinyl-ester (FV type)
  • Zero halogen (FA type)

Core features

  • Coated surface veil to help ensure a resin-rich surface and ultraviolet resistance
  • Rungs that are mechanically fastened and adhesively bonded to the side rails
  • Rungs that are capable of supporting a 200 lb. concentrated load
  • A full range of splices, fittings, covers and accessories available
  • Tested and approved by ABS
  • NEMA and CSA certified
Fiberglass channel accessories

Marine Rung Cable Tray/Fiberglass

Eaton's B-Line series Marine Rung allows stainless steel banding of cables for coast guard requirements. It also has applications on land for any location where extra cable positioning is required and for vertical installations. The rung design provides a 2" cable support surface. For more information, view the B-Line series cable tray catalog.

Marine rung cable tray

Cable tray use at high temperatures

A good understanding of how materials perform at extreme temperatures is critical to avoid serious injuries and expensive downtime.