Fiberglass channel and fittings
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Fiberglass channel and fittings

When specifications call for fire-retardant and/or corrosion-resistant materials, Eaton has an important solution in its B-Line series fiberglass strut system. Two fire-retardant (FR) resins, polyester and vinyl ester, each of which is ideal for corrosive environments. 

Most of the time, polyester is the right choice. However, vinyl ester works for a broader range of environments. Refer to the Corrosion Resistance Guide for specific applications. 

B-Line series rigid fiberglass strut (or fiberglass channel) systems include accessories, such as:

  • Fiberglass angle
  • Fiberglass conduit
  • Fiberglass square tube
  • Beam clamps
  • Pipe hangers / supports
  • Hardware

Fire-retardant properties for greater safety

Both polyester and vinyl ester resins give B-Line series fiberglass strut systems are fire retardant. These properties apply to both BFP and BFV.

Refer to the  Corrosion Resistance Guide for additional information.


  • Flame resistance (FTMS 406-2023) ignition/burn, seconds: 75/75
  • Intermittent flame test (HLT-15), rating: 100
  • Flammability test (ASTM D635):
  • Ignition: none, burning time: 0 sec.
  • Surface burning characteristics (ASTM E84), flame spread index: 25
  • UL 94 flame class: V-0                             

Materials and finishes for durability and strength

B-Line series fiberglass strut systems a manufactured using glass-fiber-reinforced plastic shapes that meet ASTM E84, Class 1 flame rating and self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635. A surface veil is applied during pultrusion to ensure a resin-rich surface and ultraviolet resistance.

B-Line series CoSPEC Specifier Center

At Eaton, our goal is to be a leading provider of information and resources to design and engineering professionals engaged in the design, construction, and maintenance of engineered MEP&T facility subsystems globally. CoSPEC is packed with features like the new CAD / BIM / PDMS / Submittal catalog which offers the ability to select and view B-Line series products in 2D and 3D. Then, with just a couple of clicks, easily download design content in one of nearly 100 different CAD, BIM, PDMS, and graphics formats.