GrateWalk grating system
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GrateWalk grating system

Eaton's B-Line Series GrateWalk rooftop walkways, with Dura-Blok supports, provide the optimal solution to extend the life of your roof, while providing a safe pathway to roof mounted support equipment. The self-cleaning GrateWalk pattern creates an ideal walking surface in all weather conditions. The result is an easy to install walkway that helps reduce the need for roof maintenance.

GrateWalk benefits

  • Creates an identifiable path for foot traffic 
  • Helps prevent wear and tear to the roof or other areas
  • Cross-over design offers safe passage over existing cabling, piping, cable tray or any other interference
  • Self-cleaning pattern allows water and dirt to easily flow through, making it ideal for all weather conditions 

Multiple configurations available

  • Straight sections for long straight stretches of pathway
  • Cross-over options to install over the existing cable trays, piping, and more
  • Stairways over the top of existing equipment or leading up to existing equipment
  • Platforms to provide access to rooftop mounted equipment
  • Accessories available to support unique requirements
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