Insulation protection shields
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Insulation protection shields

Eaton offers a wide variety of insulation protection shields to help protect pipe insulation from damage when used with pipe hangers, clevis hangers, strut supports and more.  They are available in a variety of options to meet various application needs. 

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Snap 'N Shield pipe supports
When it comes to a fast, easy way to protect pipe insulation, Eaton’s enhanced Snap ‘N Shield pipe support is designed to install up to 60% faster than traditional metal shields.

Snap 'N Shield pipe supports

While cut pieces of PVC or metal shields tend to move or even fall out over time, the Snap ‘N Shield support attaches directly to support and helps eliminate the movement of the shield.   

The curved lipped edge along with its textured interior surface allows free movement of the pipe and insulation within the shield.  This goes a long way in helping prevent insulation from tearing, and possibly causing damage.



  • One-piece, tool-less design that snaps onto strut channel or pipe hangers
  • Contact area of strut increased by more than 15% on most common sizes, creating a more secure fit
  • Approximately 15% more insulation contact area to more evenly distribute load
  • Structural ribs improve crush rating by more than 25% at strut attachment
  • MSS standards require 12" of surface contact for pipe sizes up to 4". All sizes of Snap ‘N Shield have 12" of surface contact

B3151 and B3143 series

The B3151 insulation protection shield is used to help protect pipe insulation when used with pipe hangers.  The B3153 shield serves the same purpose, but also features lock tabs on the bottom of the shield for centering and securing the shield to the hanger.


B3154 and B3155 series

The B3154 short insulation protection shield is used for protection of foam, fiberglass or high density insulation when used with pipe hangers.  The B3155 (shown in photo) shield serves the same function, but also includes lock tabs on the bottom of the shield for centering and securing the shield to the hanger.

B3160 through B3165 series

The pipe covering protection saddles are designed to protect pipe insulation on high temperature pipe lines.  Saddles are 12" (304.8mm) long.  Saddle sizes 12" (300mm) and above also feature a furnished center rib.